IDD Essencial Hair Complex Kit
IDD Essencial Hair Complex Kit

IDD Essencial Hair Complex Kit

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Reconstruction in a bottle!  Get your Texan out and do that 2-step with this baby.  Intensive Treatment that leaves your hair STRONGER, RESILIENT, & BRIGHTER.  Contains Asiatic spark, essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6.  Forms a protective film to avoid humidity loss for that gorgeous shine and softness.  #intense

PS This treatment helps promote hair growth and reduce hair loss!!! Que crezca y se quede puesto!


6 step 1 vials

6 step 2 vials

2 sprayer nozzles (no las tiren porque namas tienen una para las 6 de cada color 😝)


Hydration Kit 
First step:
1.Wash your hair with silver shampoo or restructure shampoo (shampoo sold separately)
2.Spray the blue vial from the kit into your hair and comb through with fingers (I have long hair so I used like 1/2 of one, but it also depends on how dry your hair is) and leave in for 3 min
3. Rinse and then use the mask as a conditioner and then rinse (mask sold separately)
4. Pat dry your hair gently with towel and spray the pink vial from the kit 
This is the most amazing intensive hair therapy and you only do it like once a week
The shampoo and conditioner you can use daily/ every time you wash your hair
Then you just put a little of the serum (serum sold separately) in your hair and style as desired and with whatever other hairsprays etc